Lighting As a Service

Professional Lighting designers at your service

We have made Lighting plans over 8 years and we are good at what we do.

Quality in lighting is sum of professional designing and quality of products. Our designers use our own brand and they know the product inside out so they can always choose right luminaries for every space.

For Real Estate Owners

Beautiful and functional lighting adds value for any real estate. Well-designed lighting increases living comfort in your home or make your customers stay longer in your commercial space. And don't forget about facade lighting.

For Electricians

Good design and quality products is nothing without professional electricians. We have an awesome companion program for electricians. You can contact us to hear more!

For Architects

Our BIM specialist Joona Saarelainen can help you if you use Revit or Dialux. If you have any concerns about where to put what and how much is enough or you want to completely outsource lighting design, we are your partner.

Quality is more than word

When we make lighting plan, we are planning based on standarts like EN12464-1 and EN12464-2 . Lighting levels can't be calculated accurate if light distribution curve is over exaggerate, so we use 3rd partner lab to measure our luminaries. That's why our calculations is super accurate.

What is lighting plan?

We use Dialux to make 3D-models on entire buildings and surroundings based on architect’s plans. We place right kind of surface materials and furniture in the 3D-models to make them as realistic as possible. That's because every surface reflects the light differently based on color or material. That way we can create the surroundings optimal for planning.

Lighting plan is more than placing lights

With our tools, we do accurate calculations of how the light is distributed in the space. It is more affordable to make changes in 3D model than in real life after everything is installed.

With carefully designed lighting we can ensure that the light is even and does not stress the eyes, there is an optimal amount of light, the customers opinion and many other things has been taken into account. You can learn more from our blog.

Customer in mind

Our products is available with different kind of controller technology and color option. You can use KNX, Dali or other controllers to dim and control our luminaries.

The end product

We will provide you a lighting point plan that allows an electrician to see what goes where. We also give you full specs of illuminance.

The customer will also get rendered images of the spaces and structure. That will help the customer to make final decisions about lighting, interior and even floor plan.