Common mistakes and tips for gardening lighting

In this blog, we point out some common mistakes which every usually face to when planing and building light system for a garden. We belive that by learning from the mistakes of others, you can design a garden more secure and more beautiful. 1.Installing too many lights in one area It is always a wise choice to set lighting fixtures in various direction and places – especially with outdoor lighting. When you place too many lights in one place, you garden will be separated into a lopsided way – and of course, this is not the result you would like to contemplate till the end. For example, installing light fixtures directly a... Read more


It is true to state that whatever the architectural style is, all houses always need a bathroom. It is the place every member in a family use every day, but it never received much attention than the other rooms. If bathroom is taken care of a little more, it will be the ideal place to help you lift a lot of stresses out. You can lay back into warm water to relax, read novels, short stories and sip a glass of wine at ease. To make this happen, beside paying attention to the architecture, colors, interior details, light is one of the important factors to build the bathroom in the most delicate way. However, we have to use the right amount of li... Read more


Lights - one way or another - will affect our customers more than we think. According to many lighting design experts, retail stores often need adjustable lights to create an attractive shopping environment appealing to customers. In the article below, WINLED OY suggests five methods to make the retail store lighting adjustable. 1. Using CRI to highlight the color of the product There are many elements to consider when designing light for retail outlets, but one of the most important one to remember is that light can change the color of a product in a store environment. The color of the lights relates to the CRI index (... Read more