Lights for Revit: user interface

In this article we will go through the user interface of the LIGHTS app and discover all the benefits it provides with. LIGHTS add-in for Autodesk Revit is a full LED library which contains 70 LED lighting fixture families. Thanks to our cloud service, the library updates automatically guaranteeing that you will always have the newest models at use. After installing our LIGHTS for Revit, open the app in the add-in section. Start your lighting design with findi... Read more

Choosing the right architectural lighting fixture

What is a lighting fixture? Lighting fixture, also known as “Luminarie” or "Light fixture", is a devise that projects, defuses and alerts the lights of the given lights source. Therefore, the main purpose of a lighting fixture is to direct light to the appropriate locations: be it a necessity or an element of décor. So, what does it actually take to choose a suitable lighting fixture for your project? Choosing the right architectural lighting fixture There are so many different factors which architects and lighting designers should take into account while choosing a suitable lighting fixture for the design. Lighting fixtures c... Read more

LIGHTS is now compatible with Autodesk Revit 2019

We would like to inform you that we have updated LIGHTS to be compatible with the new Revit 2019! We would highly appreciate all the feedback regarding our app’s functions, performance and luminaires of the library that are available, so that we can offer you the best user experience! It is now available for download from Autodesk App Store: ... Read more

Lighting design for cafés and restaurants

Cafés and restaurants are definitely not the easiest ones when it comes to lighting design. There are many different functionalities in one space: the mood should stay loyal to the theme of the place; there should be enough light for cleaning and using the cash register; kitchen needs a lighting that supports cooking and activities requiring high definition without generating excessive heat; customers should not be blinded with a lighting too bright but they still should be able to see what they eat – just to name a few. Therefore, a professional lighting designer with the right tools comes in handy when designing a lighting entity for a c... Read more