tips for designing light in the kitchen

Kitchens are really the heart of the home. It is the place not only use for preparing meals but also for many activities like sorting mail, reading or doing homework and tasks. This room, therefore, needs layers of illumination to shine it which are task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting. In general, first step when designing lighting in the kitchen is planning task lighting to figure out where you really need light to do task. After that, accent lighting will be added to visualize the kitchen making it look more appealing and cozy. Finally, it comes to general lighting with the purpose of filling out the space with just the r... Read more

The Fundamentals of Light Layering

There is no single lighting fixture which will enable the illumination of the space properly all alone. A perfect lighting design combines different types of lights, which enable the creation of a suitable atmosphere for the place you are designing. Ambient or sometimes also called general lighting provides general illumination, task lighting enables more focused lights in the parts of the application where it is needed and accent lighting highlights important objects. When combined, ambient, task and accent lighting create a visually and functionally balanced space. Each of the three types of lighting have their own functions, and based on t... Read more