What is IP ratings

The water and dust protection for electrical equipment is determined by means of IP rating also known as Ingress Protection Rating – in the form of IPxx of electrical equipment. The standard for SFS-EN 60529 + A1 has been published in 2011 for electrical equipment protection and is suitable for almost every electrical appliance including light. In this blog post we will cover the basics of IP rating in relation to lighting. 1. What is the IP rating? IP rating is followed by a series of two digits explaining how an electrical product’s exterior case or enclosure can protect the inside part from water dust or solid o... Read more


It is true to state that whatever the architectural style is, all houses always need a bathroom. It is the place every member in a family use every day, but it never received much attention than the other rooms. If bathroom is taken care of a little more, it will be the ideal place to help you lift a lot of stresses out. You can lay back into warm water to relax, read novels, short stories and sip a glass of wine at ease. To make this happen, beside paying attention to the architecture, colors, interior details, light is one of the important factors to build the bathroom in the most delicate way. However, we have to use the right amount of li... Read more