Choosing the right architectural lighting fixture

What is a lighting fixture? Lighting fixture, also known as “Luminarie” or "Light fixture", is a devise that projects, defuses and alerts the lights of the given lights source. Therefore, the main purpose of a lighting fixture is to direct light to the appropriate locations: be it a necessity or an element of décor. So, what does it actually take to choose a suitable lighting fixture for your project? Choosing the right architectural lighting fixture There are so many different factors which architects and lighting designers should take into account while choosing a suitable lighting fixture for the design. Lighting fixtures c... Read more

Revit tutorial: Café and restaurant lighting design

In one of our earlier articles we shared our knowledge on lighting design for café and restaurant. In this blog post we add to that by providing a lighting design tutorial in Autodesk Revit by using LIGHTS add-in. After the tutorial you will: Learn what is LIGHTS and how to use it. Learn how to fast and easy create a lighting design in Autodesk Revit. Learn what lighting fixtures are suitable for café design. Learn how to create a leaner array. <iframe width="800" height="450" src="" frameborder="0... Read more

LED and green building: Will LED lights actually enable the facility to receive the LEED certificate

It is crucial to notice that consumption in the housing category is one of the most damaging for the environment. That is why more and more organizations are interested in implementing sustainable or “green” building designs to minimize the negative impact of building construction and maintenance on the environment. Architects can contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact already on the designing stage. When talking about green building, one of the things which immediately comes into mind is LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certificate. LEED is one of the most recognized international green bu... Read more