Updating the latest trends or news about architecture has been a daily task for almost every architect. Whenever starting a new project, sometimes, it is tough to find the idea without any references from different qualifies web pages, especially with those newbie architects who are still trying to define their style. After a while for searching and filtering based on our criteria, five useful websites that every beginner architect needs to bookmark into their laptop has been chosen.

Right from the slogan of this website “Inspiration and knowledge to help architects build better cities,” it shows how helpful it is for architects to find tools, information, and inspiration. Whether you already work as an architect and being busy with a lot of projects or just an architectural student new to everything or merely a person who is interested in watching some beautiful and innovated building, this website will always fit your selection. It has the highest ranking getting 8.24 million in July 2018 contrary to any others website in the same category. The site, itself contains a massive variety of topics such as architectural news, project article, product and other thousands of exciting posts. Almost any story relating to architecture from other website is already posted in Archdaily. That is why this is the best website for the architect in the world.

Through this website, all the architect in the world will be connected. This website is considered as a new board for an architect updated by more than 100 staff and contributor. One interesting point that makes this page distinguish to the other in this list is that they update job vacancies from all over the world. You can search everything here, from a picture of some giant building to architectural new and competition related. Anything linking to architect will be posted on this website.

Whenever you stuck in getting new idea, might be good for you to stop by. This website is recommended for any newbie in architect and designing. Furthermore, with anyone who desires to decorate their house more wonderful, they will definitely find at least an idea after spending only few minutes in this. There is a majority of idea for designing house and architecture. However, in our opinion, it is particularly suitable for home designing and architecture only.

As it is shown in the name, what writers want to show their audiences are that architecture following contemporary culture which expresses through the theme of their page as well as all the content in their posts. It focuses on five main topics which are architecture, interiors, design, art, and travel. This site is such a good recommendation for any architect leading themselves to this style.

This is the world most influenced and favorite magazine about architecture, interiors, and design among the architect community which is established in London. This website has around 5 million visitors every month. This is due to their variety of topics as well as always up to date every trend and new for architect and designing in general.

Published : 1 year ago