In one of our earlier articles we shared our knowledge on lighting design for café and restaurant. In this blog post we add to that by providing a lighting design tutorial in Autodesk Revit by using LIGHTS add-in.

After the tutorial you will:

Learn what is LIGHTS and how to use it.

Learn how to fast and easy create a lighting design in Autodesk Revit.

Learn what lighting fixtures are suitable for café design.

Learn how to create a leaner array.

1) Open your project and find Lights from Revit add-in section. If you have not install LIGHTS yet, check out our earlier post on how to install LIGHTS.

2) Start by choosing down lights used for creating general lighting. You can either search by name or by searching with a keyword such as “downlight”.

Tip: Iiris is WinLed’s popular luminaire for general lighting as its light source is located in a way that prevents excessive glare.

3) Choose a suitable lighting fixture and press “Use in Revit” button.

4) Press “Place on Face” button and place the lighting fixtures to the architectural model.

5) Choose color, color temperature, dimming system that suits your needs in the “Properties” tab located on the right.

Next we will crate a linear array. Linear array enable you take a fixture and repeat it along the straight line.

6) On the “Modify” tab press “Array”.

7) Specify the distance between the first and the last lighting fixture and enter the number of lighting fixtures in array (all the other fixtures will be evenly placed between them).

8) First click on the middle of the lighting fixture and then to the place where the last lighting fixture should be positioned.

There are several spots in cafés and restaurants that need more light upon them (e.g. cashers and tables).

Tip: Winled’s Pearl Line and Pearl single can be used as design elements upon the tables.

9) First use “Measure between two references” measuring tool to calculate a perfect spot between fixtures.

10) Select a suitable lighting fixture in the LIGHTS library.

11) Place the lighting fixture to the architectural design.

12) Push “Copy” button, which will copy selected lighting fixture and place them in selected location.

13) If you also use lighting fixtures from our Pearl collection, you can adjust the length of the wires if needed in the “Properties” section located on the right.

To perfect the design, you can use WinLed’s adjustable down light Antlia to emphasize the wall surface. Follow steps 2,3, 4 and 5 for selecting and placing Antila to your architectural model.

14) Render your design.

Do you need any help with LIGHTS?

If you face any problems with creating a lighting design while using LIGHTS, let us know. Our team will be glad to help you.

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Author: Winled Oy
Published : 1 year ago