In this article we will go through the user interface of the LIGHTS app and discover all the benefits it provides with. LIGHTS add-in for Autodesk Revit is a full LED library which contains 70 LED lighting fixture families. Thanks to our cloud service, the library updates automatically guaranteeing that you will always have the newest models at use.

After installing our LIGHTS for Revit, open the app in the add-in section. Start your lighting design with finding a suitable lighting fixture lighting. You can search by typing or prioritizing the categories.For example, by typing a key word "office" you will see all the lighting fixtures suitable for this application. After selecting a suitable lighting fixture, push “Use in Revit” button.

All the luminaire families in LIGHTS app include photometric web files which enable realistic design. Furthermore, in the "Properties" section on the right, you have choose different color temperature, casing color and dimming system that are needed for the application you are designing.

In LIGHTS all the luminaires are inclusive of comprehensive and accurate technical data.For example, when changing the color temperature, the lumen output changes automatically to equal reality.

All the families come with real-life qualities. For example, it is possible to aim spot lights realistically while designing accent lighting. You can change the angle of the luminaire in the "Properties" tab. However, it is only possible to use real-life angles, so that the final design will be as realistic as possible.

Do you need any help with LIGHTS?

If you face any problems with creating a lighting design while using LIGHTS, let us know. Our team will be glad to help you.
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Published : 1 year ago