In one of our earlier articles we shared our knowledge and expertise on façade lighting with LEDs. In this article we add to that by providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to design façade lighting in Revit by using the LIGHTS add-in.

After the tutorial you will:

  • Learn what is LIGHTS and how to use it.
  • Learn how to fast and easy create a lighting design in Autodesk Revit.
  • Learn what lighting fixtures are suitable for outdoors and particularly façade design.
  • Learn how to add a lighting fixture in the architectural model.

1) Find LIGHTS in Revit add-in section. If you have not install LIGHTS, check out our previous post on how to install LIGHTS.


2) Start with finding right lighting fixtures for your design. You can search by typing or prioritizing the categories. Choose the lighting fixture and push “Use in Revit” button.

Tip: Hydra wall luminaire is one of the WinLed’s most popular outdoor fixtures, which is also suitable for indoor.


3) You can choose the color, color temperature and the cashing color either before or after placing the lighting fixture.


4) Place the lighting fixture in the model.

5) You can adjust the angles of the lights if needed. However, the angles are restricted to equal reality.


6) After designing a rooftop lighting, let’s proceed to lower levels. Choose a lighting fixture and press “Use in Revit” button.

Tip: Velmu luminarie is the best option to emphasize the wall surface from below to up. It does not cause excessive glare, so it is a great option to use for projects with high windows and a lot of glass.


7) Place the lighting fixtures in the architectural model.

8) Render your design.

Do you need any help with LIGHTS?

If you face any problems with creating a lighting design while using LIGHTS, let us know. Our team will be glad to help you.

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Author: Winled Oy
Published : 1 year ago