LED lighting supporting children's learning in a science daycare

In August 2016, a science daycare opened its doors for the first time in Tampere, Finland. This daycare hosts about 70 children and the ideology is to emphasize exploration, experimentation, sense usage and initiative as the key factors behind learning.

The daycare provides the small scientists with weekly science-oriented learning hours, science gear, such as magnifying classes, loops and microscopes, to play with, and with daily activities that encourage the kids to learn through subjective experiences.

It goes without saying that a daycare with an agenda like this requires surroundings that not only encourage to marvel and explore, but also surroundings that are safe and take the age and unique needs of the kids into consideration. When the daycare was being built, this was one of the most important aspects paid attention to: Pilke daycare chain favors Finnish constructors and operators, environmental friendliness, high quality materials as well as newest technologies. This can be seen both in the high-quality operations as well as in the intriguing environment that is safe and fun to play in.

Effective lighting an integral part of effective learning and perceiving

Lighting is an essential part of supporting the little Einsteins' daily activities. Recent studies have shown that utilizing different color temperatures and lighting effectivities has an impact on e.g. performance, well-being and liveliness. If children are forced to play under poor lighting daily, it results in restlessness, stress and tiredness in the long run.

When it comes to science-oriented daycare, proper lighting is even more important. The manager of the daycare, Kirsi Kurkinen, states that observation is one of the key elements behind children's learning, and in order to get the attention of the kid to focus on the subject being studied, it is essential that the lighting is effective enough.

Children exploring

"When examining e.g. colors, like we have recently done, it is clear that it is not possible in the dark. The lighting should be effective and even", notes Kurkinen.

"By utilizing the lighting, one can also create ambiences suitable for each activity: dimming the lights makes the kids calmer and more peaceful whereas using the full power creates an atmosphere that is fun, energetic and full of action, making sure the kids have energy for the whole day", continues Kurkinen.

LED Lighting in kindergarden

Winled's lighting designer Erkka Hurske states that when designing lighting solutions for daycares, it is also important to choose LEDs that have an effective glare shield. Also, the evenness of the lighting plays an important role: shadowless and homogenous lighting guarantee that the eye will not get tired so fast and it is way easier to concentrate.

Easy to play and explore under these lights

So, the lighting provided by Winled has been a success – according to both the end users as well as the electricians installing them. The installation was done by Pirkanmaan Sähköautomaatio, and the CEO, Tommi Heinonen, praises the comprehensive service they got from Winled: "The know-how of lighting similar spaces was notable and when asking, we got accurate calculations guaranteeing that the lighting levels meet standards even in the long run. The fixtures were also easy to install."

The lighting was done mainly by using Lumina-plafonds. This playful LED lighting solution ensures that the days of both the employees and the future Marie Curies, Albert Einsteins and Stephen Hawkings' consist of marveling, perceiving and learning new.

Author: Winled Oy
Published : 2 years ago