Imaginative and modern LED lighting solutions from Seinäjoki housing fair 2016: Villa Tango

This American style mansion does not lack massive stone fireplaces; high spaces; gold-gleaming, thick curtains, or masculine, wooden furniture. The lighting solution for this impressive home was conducted in collaboration with interior designers. When the project took off, the interior designers considered lighting as one of the most important aspects: therefore e.g. the fold-down ceilings in the living room were already in place when Winled's lighting designer, Toni Reinilä, joined the process. For example, by using Dialux Reinilä assured, that the indirect lighting used in these fold-downs was effective enough and it suited the purpose of the space.

Beautiful Villa Tango livingroom

Indirect lighting as a main character

The high space upstairs and the LEDs used create a luxurious ambience. The living room is mainly lit by indirect lighting in addition to Iiris -downlights mounted to the oblique ceiling.

Kitchen lighting

The up and coming trend of indirect lighting can be seen nearly in every room of Villa Tango: in addition to the living room and kitchen, it is used to emphasize the elaborate ceilings in the bedrooms and dressing room in a way that is sure to take one's breath away.

Dressing room

Modern bedroom

Also the WC downstairs has had its share of indirect lighting and LED strip: when used behind a mirror it provides effective general lighting that is perfect for e.g. doing one's make-up.

WC lighting

Author: Toni Töyräs
Published : 2 years ago