Innovative operator

From LEDs to Software

Today’s business world is under constant change. In order to survive and succeed, businesses have to be able to meet the needs of the customer, find ways to reach them and create products and services that bring added value to the end user.

Winled Co. Ltd. has bravely taken in the challenge: in addition to the high quality LED luminaires, we are now leveraging our expertise on the BIM- and IT-field as well.

Quality policy

Quality Ensurance Throughout All Our Operations

& Collaborators

The starting point for all our operations is our customers’ needs and expectations. It is our honor and prerequisite for our success to fulfill – and exceed – them. Our goal is to design and excecute high quality lighting solutions and, with the help of our know-how, products and value-added services to strengthen our collaborators’ operations as well.

High quality

Our staff is committed to work according to our quality policy as well as to develop the quality of the activities of the company with the help of the know-how they possess. Active cooperation and communiction with all our collaborators is to guarantee, that all our products meet the regulations set by authorities and fulfill the highest of quality requirements set by our customers.

Motivated and
skilled staff

Our aim is to ensure that the working environment is the best possible for our staff. We want to provide and support them with the development of their individual skills and expertise. Administration’s goal is to make sure that our operations are systematical and to guarantee the resources needed for mainitaining and developing high quality operations.

Professional staff

In-House BIM-, Lighting Design and IT-Specialism

One of the main reasons behind our success is our skilled and highly motivated staff. Our business is built around our knowhow on Lighting Design, that knowhow now expanding to new areas: since BIM-based architecture is becoming more popular day by day, we have decided to contribute our resources to the intriguing field as well.

Our BIM-specialists together with our in-house IT-department have created a Revit add-on called LIGHTS that has now been downloaded and used all around the world – with highly positive feedback.

Our story

LED Enthusiasts Since 2009

It was year 2009 when a father and his son got an idea of a company entering the up-and-coming field of LED-lighting. They knew nothing of electricity or luminaires but the entrepreneurs in them saw the opportunity and decided to take action.

Slowly but surely a retailer network covering the whole of Finland was built, now consisting of over 700 construction professionals. Our main goal is to provide them with products and services meeting any need they have.

Winled has grown to be one of the leading LED-manufacturers in Finland and is now taking its first steps in the internationalization process with the help of LIGHTS.

Worldwide shipping

Collaboration with DSV Solutions

It is very important to deliver products on time and intact. Therefore we have carefully chosen DSV Solutions to be our collaborator.

DSV was founded in 1976 in Denmark and since then it has grown to employ nearly 22800 people. DSV Solutions operates wordlwide, having their own offices in over 80 countries and together with their representatives, DSV serves their customers in over 120 countries.

Our fruitful cooperation has been a success, and we have full trust on DSV as a partner when it comes to worldwide shipping and warehousing.

Value-added services

Revit Luminaire Libraries and Top-notch Lighting Design

One of our main goals is to provide our customers with tools and services that not only bring value to them but also support their business growth. Therefore we have created a top-notch lighting design service, that ensures that the lighting solutions are efficient, meet the highest of standards and result in bigger sales.

We have not forgotten designers and architects either: our photometric web files are available for download and if using Revit, one can also download our free Revit add-on LIGHTS from Autodesk app store.

Our customers

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